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Social Responsibility

Why sustainable fashion?

Much of the fashion industry today is driven by price and competition, with corporations forced to use ever-cheaper labor and less sustainable practices and fabrics to get products to market faster and cheaper than their competitors. Sustainability, green manufacturing, ethical production and sourcing often take a backseat. This is true across the board, for high-street chains to boutique and luxury brands.

However, Nudz Beachwear does it differently. We understand that the values and practices of companies are important to our customers, even in the fashion industry, and that is why we work hard to make sure we commit to these values in all our practices.

That’s what Nudz Beachwear is all about. We are proud to be environmentally conscious, and to embed these practices all across the product of our luxury beachwear. We source, design, and manufacture as much as possible locally so that you can buy clothes that reflect your values, and safe in the knowledge that we’ve put local and environment needs at the heart of our product.

Our commitment to sustainability
At Nudz Beachwear, we recognize that we live in a global economy, and that being 100% local and sustainable is difficult to achieve. We embrace both this global reality, and balance it with a commitment to using – where possible – local suppliers and service providers.

There are several strands to our green fashion strategy:

As a company, we believe in supporting local businesses, and that the best materials can often be found at home, without the need to look for cheaper alternatives overseas. We prioritize quality, and believe that sourcing locally helps our brand stand out, which is something our customers care about.

That is why we start by sourcing material for all our beachwear lines from a pattern maker that is local to our Southern California location. Where possible, even as our business expands, we will always try to use materials that come from a local supplier.

We use a local sample maker for our beachwear, which means we don’t have to ship our materials from overseas. This reinforces our commitment to green practices. We work with all our suppliers to make sure that they also embody the Nudz Beachwear values, such as sustainability and green manufacturing.

We support the community through these initiatives, something which is a key attribute of our brand.

At Nudz Beachwear, we are committed to responsible manufacturing. The design, manufacture and production of all our product lines takes place in California.

As a result, we have control over how our beachwear is made all along the production life cycle, meaning that labor is always fair, carried out in good conditions, and paid well.

Energy efficiency
Manufacturing is an energy intensive industry, and fashion is not exempt from this. At Nudz Beachwear, we believe that it is the responsibility of every business to make sure that they embed energy efficient practices throughout their business, where possible.

This extends from the manufacturing processes we use to make all our garments, to the energy saving measures that we have implemented in our office.

Empowering female workers
We feel that women are not well represented in the workplace in the US and this is an area that we are actively working to change. Nudz Beachwear mostly employs women in the design and production of our brand, with a commitment to empowering women in the workplace.